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Thursday, September 11, 2014

APPLE OLD ADVERTS (FEED ME WITH TV COMMERCIALS VOL. XV / Once you goMac you never go back)

An Apple a day...

APPLE OLD ADVERTS (FEED ME WITH TV COMMERCIALS VOL. XV / Once you go Mac you never go back)

I come with this Apple old adverts to go back to nineties on the week that Apple released iPhone 6, (iPhone that SteveJobs "invented" watching V The Visitors as we could read previously here) the mini-iPad-mini: iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch (don't worry I'm not gonna make any review or comment about them, it's only been two days after the Apple Event in Cupertino that we could follow through Live Streaming, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many others... and I'm already sick of reading about this topic, another awesomely tremendous marketing movement? Time will proof but no doubt that changes are here: the Apple CEO that I don't wanna learn his name wears Nike Roshe's instead of the checkered Steve Job's New Balance 991 or 992 and that is such a fact) in addition the legendary iPod was deceased, wich I have to confess never bought one but found even three of them that I enjoyed so much, thanks to the owners who purchase them, wherever they are! 



Steve Jobs Legendary Outfit

The man on the Rosches

Moved by Apple's depictable influence over my readings this week I decided to dust off some old real magazines and look for old adverts from the very beginning of this giant Apple that has already achieve what people in nineties and 00's where absolutely convinced was impossible, defeat NOKIA and Microsoft by one hit, yeah, the Windows that we used to love so and that best mobile brand ever we all use to wear in our pockets (they use to fit on them what made them so useful and practical for daily living). And now, they want all your money not just to buy their infinite stuff with it, they're gonna partner the ones who don't want you to have coins or notes in your pocket to gave birth to the ApplePay... So you can pay everything with your phone and your fingerprint so they can know where and what you spend your money into, money that doesn't exist, your funds will be just a number and when your number says zero you'll do whatever they want you to rise it up... Stay safe, and always enjoy! Even you cannot afford one of this man-make-stupid Apple machines we love so. Save, steal or murder, do whatever to get yours, go to your nearest Apple Store, the Future Is Stupid.

What's in your Powerbook Series. Brian Durkin wearing Airwalk One!!

What's in your Powerbook Series. Informatics Engineer Uniform

What's in your Powerbook Series. The Priest and The Artist.

What's in your Powerbook Series. Da Cowboy Farmer.

What's in your Powerbook Series. Stuntwoman!

Apple Newton

Your World, your Newton.

Apple Newton

David Carson

Apple for Kids!

Can it?


Make bread with an Apple!

Do you have a Web Cam?

Ben Franklin?

Hipsters be like

And what about the clothing, shoes and merchandise/apparel collection series? There you have:

Y qué decir de la línea de ropa y merchandise? me hago polvo...

This is fucking DOPE!!

Caps! And a cheesy pink pullover over ur shoulders...

Beach & Sail

Apple Sneakers


Even a pair of kicks? Yes

If you're bananas about Apple you need to have a look to their gift catalogue!

Si te flipa Apple tienes que echarle un vistazo a su catálogo de regalos!

B - A - N - A - N - A - S

I Want it all!



The Car

THAT Tote Bag!


Me salgo con estos polvorientos anuncios antiguos de Apple para volver a los noventa (noventa y largos que es lo que parece que toca revivir ahora en esta generación del infinito revival de la que hablaré un poco más adelante, otro día) la semana en que sacan a la luz el iPhone6, (iPhone que Steve Jobs "inventó" viendo la serie V Los Visitantes como hemos explicado con anterioridad) el mini iPad Mini o iPhone6 Plus y el Apple Watch (pero no os preocupéis, podéis seguir leyendo porque no voy a escribir aquí ninguna review u opinión al respecto ya que creo después de tan sólo dos días del majestuoso evento Apple en Cupertino que pudimos seguir vía Live Streaming, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram y todas las plataformas imaginables... ya me siento hastiado de leer en todas, absolutamente todas partes sobre el tema, otro increíblemente acertado movimiento de marketing? Lo veremos pero está claro que los cambios están ya a la vista. Sólo señalaré que el hecho de que el CEO de Apple del cual me da pereza aprenderme el nombre lleve unas Nike Rosche en detrimento de las cuadriculadas pero no por ello menos míticas New Balance 991 ó 992 de Steve Jobs es suficientemente clarificador de por dónde van los tiros. De paso se han cargado el mítico iPod, tecnología de la cuál he de reconocer he disfrutado sin haber gastado ni un duro, nunca compré uno pero encontré hasta tres de diferentes modelos durante los años en que todo el mundo tenía uno, así que allí dónde estén los dueños, gracias!!

iPod Advertising was over the top!

Así pues y movido por la representativa influencia de Apple en mis lecturas de esta semana (puesto que todo el mundo cree que es la noticia de la semana y es este el punto en el que habría que revisar todo) he decidido sacar el polvo a estos anuncios e imágenes curiosas de la marca que he ido recopilando. Anuncios de los inicios de este ahora gigante que ya se ha conseguido lo que para cualquiera era imposible, desbancar a Microsoft y a NOKIA de un sólo golpe, si aquel sistema operativo que usaba todo el mundo es el PC de sobremesa de su casa (qué es eso?) y aquellos teléfonos móviles que todo el mundo usaba porque le cabían en el bolsillo algo que sin duda era un hecho que los convertía en artilugios muy prácticos para la vida cotidiana. Y además de que te compres todos sus aparatos, hasta un reloj ahora, no están contentos con ello así que quieren tooodo tu dinero y controlar de qué modo lo gastas y dónde estás a través de tu huella dactilar. Y para ello se han aliado con los más malos de la película, los que no quieren que lleves monedas o billetes en el bolsillo y que tus ahorros sean un número así cuando tu número sea cero y no tengas nada ahorrado debajo del colchón ya no podrás hacer nada más que lo que te digan para que vuelva a subir... Stay safe, and always enjoy! Enjoy incluso aunque no te puedas permitir una de sus máquinas convierte-humanos en idiotas que tanto nos molan. Ahorra, roba o asesina, haz lo que sea para conseguir el tuyo! Visita ya tu Apple Store más cercana... El Futuro Es Estúpido.

Mac OS 7.6!!
Mac Os 8

Además de esta pieza que ha subido hoy Ben Frost y que me parece simplemente genial y explica y resume todo el tema del que indirectamente, estoy hablando...

Plus this Ben Frost art upload that in my opinion is simply mindblowin' for resuming and explaining it all...

Monday, June 2, 2014


My Friends - Red Hot Chili Peppers

We can say a song could save your life? I don´t believe in coincidences and this last week was plenty of them. Never happened to you to listen to a song watch some stuff, smelll some scent that takes you to the right state of mind/mood without looking for it, without playing it, without knowing but in some kind of weird way expected..? My beloved Red Hot Chili Peppers could not be such a revelation but was a "click" on the switch that I will remember for life. "I've heard a little girl and what she said was something beautiful: To give, your love no matter what, yeah what she said..." signals? The Truth Is Out There! Always Enjoy! Sorry, thanks & Goodbye! Hope to see ya soon!

Friday, May 23, 2014

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXVI / Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXVI / Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son

I post this song here because of insistence, It's been playing along all this past few days and because it reminds me one of my happiest late days surfing some pretty waves and because today, despite of all, was a good day!! Lots of love and... Always Enjoy!!

Friday, May 16, 2014



It was a teenage wedding and... hahha. No, I'm not talking about Chuck Berry's song that Pulp Fiction's Twist Contest scene at Jack Rabbit Slim made famous forever, I'm talking about my experience in life and what I can extract from my last two weeks living it. Is funny how something that seems so important you can't live with becomes so unnecesary when you watch it from another prespective. I learnt this when I was in the University, studying Physics, I realised that every thing or situation in this life depends so much to the point of view of the observer when you try to analyze it. So I´m on it, situating myself at that perfect coordenates now. I started this web for the same reason I'm gonna keep doing it now. It helps me to get to know myself better and takes me to a perfect state of clarity for my mind to write even when is nothing personal. So if you wanna read just feel yourself welcome! Enjoy!!

It was a teenage wedding and... hahha. No, no estoy hablando de la canción de Chuck Berry que la mítica escena de Pulp Fiction del concurso de Twist del Jack Rabbit Slim hizo famosa para siempre. Hablo de mi escasa experiencia en la vida y de lo que puedo extraer de las dos últimas semanas que llevo viviéndola. Es gracioso ver cómo algo que podría parecer más necesario que el propio aire que respiras puede convertirse en algo incluso molesto cuando lo ves desde otra perspectiva. Siempre me he quedado con esta máxima que aprendí cuando estudié Física en la uni: todo en este mundo depende del punto de vista del observador nada puede determinarse de manera exacta sino que dependerá siempre de las coordenadas de quien lo observa, así que es un buen consejo situarse en unas coordenadas que permitan observar precisamente la parte del cálculo que queremos realizar, de cualquier otro modo los resultados obtenidos serán erróneos. Y precisamente en eso estoy ahora mismo, en situarme en dichas coordenadas. Comencé esta web por el mismo motivo que voy a continuarla ahora, escribir me ayuda a conocerme mejor a mi mismo y me traslada al estado mental perfecto para emprender cosas nuevas incluso cuando lo que publico no es nada personal. Así que si quieres leer, eres más que bienvenido! Enjoy!!

You never can tell!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXIV / Caesars Palace - From The Bughouse

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXIV / Caesars Palace - From The Bughouse

I was born at the cassette era so I love to listen to an album over and over and this one is just perfect, specially when u r trippin' .Thanks Manzoni for discovering me this song, I love it! Actually the whole album kills it!! Enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2014



Nine years, it's easy to say, the "happening" of monday nights in Barcelona, the Apolo crowded is now a habit in this town but still atonishing the ones who first visit it. Is seems like yesterday for me when Sören told me to manage their MySpace, the party was going on at Fellini then and just about to get moved definetly to Apolo and of couse I said I would love to! Something that was so easy and simple as upload some pics monthly and update schedule started growing and growing until it became a huge platform as it is nowadays. During all this years there's been time for everything, unforgettable moments, people from every country in the world, places, trips and the best moments to remember of a history that is still being written every monday in Barcelona and everywhere Max & Sören get to visit and tranform into a total debauch. I feel so lucky of being a part of this all-ambits movement that's taking place in our city and which already started the countdown to its decade!! Long life to Nasty Mondays & Rock 'n' Roll!! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014



Three years ago I wrote this post on the same exact date as today. Today I write again adding some more information about Kurt Cobain's death scene photos released by the Seattle Police with the suicide note, some pics featuring sdetails of his arms and legs laid on the ground and a foot wearing a Converse One Star! And also about the new documentary Brett Morgen is directing and that that's gonna be released soon this year. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2014



One of these bands that I started hating and then loving like many things you love most in this life. In the beggining I didn't like Ville Valo and friends so much but when I discovered CKY I started loving them. But that's another story... One of my favorite tracks of the second and in my opinion best album Razorblade Romance, I'm waiting for you call and I'm ready to take your sweet 666 in my heart... Enjoy!!

Monday, March 3, 2014



It is so hard to say with words what I feel about today. 9 Years of my favourite happening in the city, our beloved party is today bigger than ever so let's enjoy it!!

Es tan difícil expresar con palabras lo que siento hoy... 9 años de mi happening favorito de esta ciudad, nuestra fiesta más querida hoy será más grande que nunca así que disfrutémoslo!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXII / THE STROKES. I'll Try Anything Once - You Only Live Once

LYRICAHOLIC VOL. XXXII / THE STROKES. I'll Try Anything Once - You Only Live Once

There are some bands that I surprise myself when I fins that I've never posted about them on this "Lyricaholic" and one of them is The Strokes. So let's get to it, one of my favorite lyrics fromt his band is this previous version of the hit "You Only Live Once" that was originally entitled "I'll Try Anything Once" where Julian sings a different lyrics, more quietly and in my opinion excellent. The final result we all know and there can be appreciated a hand of marketing to get the tune more catchy and even the title. By the way in this original theme was included as one of the B-sides on the "Heart in a Cage" single. It features only Nick Valensi playing keyboard while Julian Casablancas sings the lyrics softly, which are quite different from the album version of the song. I feel quite identified with this lyrics he sings so hope you... Enjoy!! By the way the final song's videoclip is just poetry, one of my favorites ever.

Hay grupos que a veces me sorprendo a mi mismo de que todavía no hayan salido en este "Lyricaholic" uno de elllos es The Strokes. Pues vamos a ello, una de mis letras favoritas es esta versión demo del famoso single "You Only Live Once" que se titulaba en origen "I'll Try Anything Once" en la que Julian canta una letra diferente, mucho más tranquila y para mi gusto magistral. El resultado final fue el hit que todos conocemos en el que se nota a una mano de marketing para hacerlo más pegadizo y comercial (hasta el título). En cambio en la interpretación original que vio la luz como "Cara B" del Single "Heart In A Cage" Julian canta en un tono muy tranquilo mientras Nick Valensi toca el piano. Una maravilla hecha melodía y una letra con la que me siento muy identificado. A pesar de ello el tema final viene acompañado de uno de mis videocilps favoritos en el que el agua negra va llenando una habitación en la que están los Strokes vestidos de blanco impoluto... Enjoy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

EVENTING VOL. XXXIII / Feb. 6th - 15th 2014. Las 20 gafas más famosas de la historia

EVENTING VOL. XXXIII / Feb. 6th - 15th 2014. Las 20 gafas más famosas de la historia

Uno de mis colegas de la red con una mis online stores favoritas, Jorge Portela de Gafa Vintage organiza por primera vez en España una exposición inédita que reúne algunas de las gafas más famosas de la historia. Estarán en Mondo galería del 6 al 15 de Febrero y podrán comprarse las monturas además de verlas expuestas junto a las fotos de los famosos que las inmortalizaron!

EVENTING VOL. XXXIII / Feb. 6th - 15th 2014. Las 20 gafas más famosas de la historia

Thursday, January 23, 2014



Utilizando las leyes de la percepción enunciadas por los psicólogos de la Gestalt del mismo modo que hacía Dalí (con una de mis obras suyas favoritas, La Galatea de las Esferas) Bernard Pras realiza estas instalaciones con objetos cotidianos que me parecen increíbles! Enjoy!

sPR34D tH3 w0RD


1f u h4V3 T0 T4g...

080 Fashion (1) 1980 (1) 1990 (4) 1991 (2) 1994 (1) 2011 (3) 2012 (57) 2013 (47) 2014 (10) 2015 (1) 212 (1) 23 (1) 25gramos (1) 2nd (1) 30th (1) 50 (1) 666 (1) 70's (1) 70s (2) 80's (19) 80s (31) 90's (32) 90s (52) A Nightmare On Elm Street (4) abc (2) Acoustic (2) Adam Yauch (1) adidas (11) adidas originals (9) Adilette (1) Adult Swim (1) Advert (6) Adverts (7) Aerosmith (2) Afterparty (2) Air (1) Air Jordan (3) Air Mag (1) Airwalk (1) Album (1) Alex Kidd (1) Álex Zinéfilo (1) Alice Cooper (1) Alicia Silverstone (1) Always (1) Amazing (3) Amlul (3) Ana Obregón (1) Anamorphic (1) And Out Come The Wolves (1) Andreu Lacondeguy (2) Animals (1) Animated Gif (1) Animation (2) Anniversary (12) Anthony Kiedis (2) Anti-Mattie (1) Apocalypse Miau (1) Appetite For Destruction (1) Apple (3) Apple Store (2) April (1) Aqua (1) Arcade (1) Art (11) Artist (1) Artwork (5) asseenoninstagram (1) Atomics Barcelona (2) Autograph (1) Axl Rose (1) Ayuntamieto de Barcelona (1) Back To The Future (4) Backseries (2) Bad Religion (1) Ballad (2) Band (5) Bar Refaeli (1) Barcelona (40) Barceloneta (1) Baseball (1) Basket Case (1) Basketball (3) Batman (2) BCN OR DIE (1) Bea Moreno (2) Beach (1) Beard (1) Beastie Boys (1) Beck (1) Beer (3) Berlin (1) Bernard Pras (1) Best (1) Bibiana Ballbe (1) Bigcartel (1) Bigfoot (1) Bill Bixby (1) Bill Cosby (1) Bimbocao (1) Birthday (3) Black (1) Blackmedia (3) Blanca Miro (1) Blink-182 (2) Blog (1) Blogs (2) Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1) BMX (1) Boat (1) Bollicao (1) Bollywood (1) Books (1) Boombox (7) Boomy (1) Braddigan (1) Braindead (1) Brandon Lee (1) Brands (2) Breaking Bad (1) Brett Morgen (1) Brianda Fitz James Stuart (1) Brimarts (1) Brother (2) Bulma Beat (1) Bumpy (1) Burn Your Mind (1) Burning Heart Records (3) Bush (1) BW (1) Caesars Palace (1) California (2) Camel (1) Canal + (2) Canal Plus (1) Cannibal (1) Cardona Bonache (3) Carlos Jean (1) Carnivalentine (1) Carolina Herrera (1) Cars (10) Cartoon (2) Casa Jäger (2) Casa Maccaroni (1) Casimiro (1) Casio (2) Castle Grayskull (1) Catwalk (1) Cesar Segarra (1) Chad Urmston (2) Chema Madoz (1) Chemistry (1) Chewbacca (1) Chino Cob (1) Chris Nolan (1) Christmas (1) Chuck Berry (1) Citröen (1) City And Colour (1) Classics (1) Clawfinger (1) Clothes (4) Clothing (3) Cobai (1) Coca-Cola (2) Collection (4) Collections (3) Collector (2) Collserola (1) Comics (1) Comme Des Garçons (1) Commercials (24) Compilation (1) Computer (1) COMUNE (1) Concert (1) Concerts (17) Contest (2) Coogi (2) Corey Feldman (2) Corey Haim (2) Covers (2) Cowboy (1) Crappy Tuesdays (5) Crave (1) Crew (1) Crude (1) Crystal Fighters (1) Cupcake (5) Cupofcouple (1) Dalí (1) Daria Pankratova (1) Darth Vader (1) David Bowie (2) David Lynch (2) Death Scene (1) Dee Brown (1) Delorean (2) Descendents (1) Desfile (1) Design (2) Dexter Holland (1) Diana (2) Dispatch (2) Dj (1) Docker's (1) Documentary (2) Dominique Wilkins (1) Draw (2) Dream On (1) Dunk (1) Dusters California (2) Eastpak (1) Echo and The Bunnymen (1) Eddie Vedder (1) Edit (1) Editorial (2) Egyptianmaraccas (1) Eight Years (2) Eire (1) El Chollo (1) El Hefe (1) El Planeta Imaginario (1) Entertainment (25) Entrevista (2) Epic Records (1) Epitaph (5) Eric Melvin (1) Escher (2) España. 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